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Kitchen Remodel

Var Kitchen Remodel

Establishing the scope of the remodeling project and a comfort level initially is probably the most important step along with budgeting for all the desired enhancements. If you go with new solid wood cabinetry, then you should also budget for a new countertop, all related hardware, and ceramic flooring to match. If you are on a strict budget then simply refacing the exposed wood, and replacing the cabinet drawers and doors can produce that brand new kitchen feel as well.

As an alternative to refacing, using brand new MDF cabinetry is almost the same price as refacing the kitchen, so you should probably get a quote for both and compare. Beware of the prefabricated cabinets that may appear to be a good deal until you try to install them. Every kitchen is different and must be custom fitted. At Var Construction you’ll find that craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail and dedicated customer service is the core of our business..

We at Var Construction take pride in every design project, and focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, to achieve a level of excellence, that is customized to your exact requirements.