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Crown/Base Molding

VArCrown Moulding

If you’re looking for professional to install crown molding you’ve come to the right place. Var Construction  install and paint many types of crown moldings, from bedroom  to having every room in your house done.

Crown molding or crown cornice, is one of the easiest, affordable and fastest ways to dramatically improve interior appearance of your room. It creates architectural balance by adding a smooth transition from wall to ceiling.

In the past crown molding was only an option for the wealthy households. In recent years Crown Molding gained back it’s popularity, mainly due to introduction of new materials such as MDF and HDF  allowing to create rich architectural design of the living space in a matter of days, with no mess and damage to the wall surfaces, and at a very affordable and attractive price.

Crown molding can be used in the following ways:

• Around windows
• Along the floor
• Around doors
• Along walls
• On walls
• Framing a bookcase
• Around a fireplace
• On a ceiling

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