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Closet Door Replacement

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Closet Doors

Closet doors, generally, can be the same style as the bedroom, bathroom and hallway doors or they can be different like a mirror or louver door. Closet doors operate in a variety of ways, they can slide from side to side – bi-pass, fold to the side – bi-fold, slide into the wall – pocket slider, slide on the surface of the wall – barn door style or they can swing like a typical door.

The materials utilized and combined to make closet doors are typically, but not limited to: wood, aluminum, simple or elaborate glass, mirror and are available in an almost unlimited variety of door styles. The options in materials, combined with the methods of operation, offer you many choices to create some very interesting and custom closet door openings. From the same materials we can also put together, pretty easily, some great looking and functioning standardized closet door openings.

Almost any door can be used for a closet door…

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