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Toilet Replacement


Toilet Replacement & Installation Service in Philadelphia

Var  Construction is here to assist you with all of you toilet replacement and repair needs. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or have problems with your toilet not working, our plumbers have the expertise to fix your toilet problems or install a brand new toilet. If you are renovating your bathroom, we would be happy to install one of our high quality toilet brands or any brand of your choice.
Besides a new look for your bathroom or an issue with your toilet that can’t be fixed, there are many reasons why replacing your toilet would be a good idea.

Getting a new higher efficiency toilet will save you money on your water bill. Water rates have been increasing within the last 5 years, so the longer you wait the more money you may be wasting.

Replacing your existing toilet with a low flush toilet (if you don’t have one already) will help conserve water in order to protect the environment. A new toilet will also help modernize your home by keeping it up to date and up to home buyer’s standards.

Whatever the reason you can rely on Var Construction for all of your toilet replacement and installation requirements.

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