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Exhaust Fan Replacement


Home  Bathroom Ventilation Fan Repairs in Philadelphia

  • Bathroom exhaust fans replaced and repaired
  • Upgrades to quieter fans
  • Bathroom exhaust ducts inspected
  • Heater combo units also replaced
  • Switch and plug fan electrical checked
  • Repairs to integrated lighting or motor replacement

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We can handle many types of bath ventilation repairs in  Philadelphia

Welcome to Var Construction Inc/Exhaust Fan Repairs /Replacement Service, where we work with Philadelphia homeowners to invest in their homes by completing their next electrical improvement. Var Construction has been delivering the everyday handyman and electrical repairs needed in our customer’s homes and businesses for several years now.

While it may have been OK in past years to simply have a window in a bathroom to let out steam and odors, many cities and counties are now making a mechanical exaust fan in any bathroom mandatory.


Your existing bathroom exhaust fan may be loud, broken, or too small to really reduce the moisture in the bathroom and prevent damage and mildew.  Don’t wait to find out if your home needs immediate electrical repairs, today is the day to schedule a repairs visit!

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