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Bathroom Remodel

varbathroomBathroom Remodeling in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

A bathroom remodeling project has the potential to be overwhelming, but by setting clear goals, having a detailed design, and working with an experienced contractor, the process can be fun and satisfying. Whether you want to update your bathroom to give it a more modern feel, or you want to renovate its entire layout, there are a few essential things that you should keep in mind.

Budget – Establishing a clear budget before you begin your bathroom remodeling project is extremely important for two reasons. First, to avoid spending outside of your price range and second, to eliminate materials or design ideas that simply aren’t realistic given your current resources. Whether you’re spending $1,000 or $20,000, decide on a price point and stick with it.

Contractor – The majority of bathroom remodels aren’t DIY projects. You should find a reputable home improvement company that can offer references and testimonials from past customers. Make sure that they listen to your bathroom remodeling goals, are aware of your budget, and provide a satisfaction guarantee in-writing.

Timeline – Work with your contractor to establish a timeline for the bathroom remodeling project. It will make your life much easier if you have a clear idea of how long the project will take so that you and your family can make arrangements to use other bathrooms in the house. If you’re remodeling your only bathroom, one-day bathroom renovations, like bath liners, are ideal solutions.

Utility – Sit down and think about all the things you dislike about your current bathroom. Is the shower too small? Is the sink too far from the electrical outlet? Would you prefer to have a walk in tub instead of a traditional bathtub? How about a tub to shower conversion? You can work with your Statewide Remodeling contractor to optimize functionality during your bathroom remodeling.

Décor – Think about how you would like the décor of your renovated bathroom to flow with the décor of the rest of the house. Perhaps you want to match color schemes or hardware styles, or maybe you’d like your bathroom to serve as a contrast to the rest of the house. Regardless, having a stylistic goal will be important as you choose materials, colors, and accents.

If you would like more information on bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia or a completely free estimate, contact VAR Construction Inc. today. Our design specialists can help you through every step of the bathroom remodeling process, from cabinets, fixtures, and flooring to lighting, ventilation, and wall color.